Best Tanning Lotions 2020 : Reviews and Buying Guide

“Oh, that tan looks good on you”. Tanning is a fashion statement that has been running around for decades. Tanning became popular in the 1920s when a fashion icon in those times, Coco Chanel popularized the idea of it. Hence this was an idea that started with western countries. Soon tanning became a status and fashion statement. People started going to the beaches to get that sun-kissed skin. Hence became popular the products related to it.

The process of tanning on a science level is quite simple. The body of humans is designed with many self-sustaining mechanisms. And tanning is one such mechanism. In simple tanning is, change in the skin color from a pale color to a brown or a bit darker than usual due to exposure to the sun for a small or longer time. Now, what causes this change in skin color? Let’s see that now.

When our skin is exposed to the sun in moderate quantity, then it triggers the production of melanin. Melanin is produced by the skin when the skin is exposed to the UV rays. This is the defense mechanism the skin has developed to protect itself from sunburn. However, excessive exposure can cause skin burn and also can lead to skin cancer. The UV rays have the ability to partially or completely alter the DNA hence causing skin cancer.

Now coming back to the usual tanning process, we know that exposing ourselves to the sun causes the tanning. However, there are also other indoor processes that can be used for the tanning purpose. Now, this has been introduced to make sure the skin does not get exposed to harmful rays and hence protecting the skin from them. Also during the seasons of no sun, these methods help get the tan. A tanning bed is one of them. The bed consists of various UV bulbs that will give out the light triggering the production of melanin and hence making the skin dark. There are also other methods like lotion and creams that will trigger the production of melanin.

In this one, we will be discussing these lotions that are available in the market and their features. We will also be helping you decide what features you should be looking for when buying this product.

Best Tanning Lotion Reviews 2020

#1. Millennium Dark Tanning Lotion

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This 100x tanning lotion from Millennium comes in a 400 ml bottle. The packaging of the bottle is very good to look at. It is designed in black and white stickers and is written in white letters. “Solid Black” is the wordings written in bold and signifies a dark theme. The dark theme is because the purpose of this product is to get darker using this lotion. This lotion contains the ultra-advanced silicone bronzer which is designed to give 100x darkness.

To make it even more effective this lotion comes with the auto-darkening tan technology, which means you do not need the sun-rays or the indoor tanning methods like the tanning bed to increase tan to your body. The usage of this is pretty simpler. You need to use the lotion before going to bed at night. Apply not too much, but just as much required.

This is not just tanning purpose, but the lotion can also provide moisture to the skin which is actually nourishment when you are in a kind of chilly season. All the ingredients are listed on the product. This lotion comes in the sweet fragrance of Orchid Blush.


  • Works faster
  • Tan enhancer makes the process faster
  • Works as a skin moisturizer


  • Users had skin issues after using it

#2. Beauty by Earth –Self Tanner

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This is the product by “Beauty by Earth”, the self-tanner which is filled with organic and natural ingredients. This is the product that is designed to provide tan to the skin even without the sun or the artificial sun-like exposure –the tanning bed. This product has not been tested on any animals and the company is proud of this. The company is confident that the product is so compatible with everyone that it does not have any side-effects like streaks, orange streaks, dark spots or blotches.

This is the perfect way to tan your skin without the use of any chemicals, or getting exposed to harmful UV rays. All the ingredients used are natural and organic. Hence no fear of skin damage by the sun. This is also perfect for all types of skin especially pale and sensitive skin for the sheer fact that it is natural and organic. This is not just a tanner but also serves as a way to protect your skin in many ways. It provides moisture to the skin, removes all early aging signs, sun spots, and wrinkles. You can start with single-use, but if you want to get darker or continue with it then apply it again.


  • Self-tanner – all-natural and organic ingredients
  • No chemicals also used with the natural ingredients
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • Not good smell
  • Greasy looks after usage
  • Was not effective for few users

#3. Ed Hardy – Beach time, Coconut Tanning Lotion

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This lotion from Ed Hardy has a unique looking bottle with a beachside picture. The theme sets up with the fact that this lotion gives you a similar tan as you would get on the beach. This is a 400 ml bottle with various natural extracts from Passion fruit and Hibiscus skin hydration. Adding to them are some of the skin darkening agents that are advanced as before and many of the existing ones.  The bottle is quite an attractive one.

This lotion does not use any bronzing agents and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. This is an intensifier if you are planning to get tanned there. However, if you want to get the tan indoor also it would work. To keep your skin in a healthy state the lotion is also added with coconut milk and oil to soften your skin and the skin hydration keeps the skin healthy to last longer.

Due to the natural extracts from Hibiscus and Passion fruit, this gives a very good elasticity to the skin and also makes it healthier.The vitamin A and C protect the skin from free radical damage.


  • Coconut oil and milk provides good skin health
  • Acts as Tattoo and color fade features


  • Smell not pleasant

#4. Ed Hardy – Coconut Kisses Golden

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Another one from Ed Hardy and has an additional feature when compared to the previous one. This comes in the 400 ml bottle and packaging is done with the golden-colored sticker. This is said to provide Age defy also hydrate the skin to provide the glow. The golden finish that it provides is also named as the golden kisses.

This product when used the first time would give the lighter dark finish, but if you really need the darker version on the skin then it is advisable to use it regularly. The bottle is dark to come up with the theme of the product. It has been clearly stated that this product is not suitable to protect against sun ad sunburns. The repeated use of this or any tanning lotion might have the possibility of skin aging, skin cancer, and also other skin effects. The product is also advised to be stored away from the sun. This has various ingredients that are listed on the back of the bottle.


  • Defies Aging process
  • Intense skin hydration being completed
  • Gives a golden finish


  • The packaging can be an issue especially the quantity of the lotion.

#5. Millennium Tanning Paint

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Another one from Millennium comes in a 50x version which is really dark in “color. The packaging of the bottle is also unique.  The bottle is completely dark black and has been written in black and white versions. The looks are actually dark; however, we do not really understand the presence of the skull in the picture.

The lotion comes with the 50x auto tan technology and it does deliver the dark bronze effect one used. The application is very simple. Before you go to sleep every night apply some as you do like with any other skin lotion and then see the results. If you tan satisfactorily, then continue with the same every night; else increase the quantity to see I you can leave with more tan than usual.

The lotion also provides an extreme silicone emulsion blend that would keep your skin smooth like silk. It also works as a moisturizing agent that provides extreme hydration to the skin. All the action that this lotion provides is, Accelerating, Bronzing, Silicone emulsion, and skin firming. The main thing of such lotions also is the fragrance – this comes in the fragrance of “Fresh And Clean Cotton Blossom”.


  • Auto-darkening tan technology makes the tan process faster
  • Extreme Silicone emulsion doubles the process
  • Come in an attractive bottle


  • Skin allergy and side effects found by some users

#6. Australian Gold Dark Tan Lotion

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Australian Gold brand comes with this unique lotion with all the natural ingredients. This is the dark tanning acceleration lotion which increases the speed at which the tanning process can take place. The first look on the lotion package is really attractive. It has the Golden yellow color finish with black color words on it. It has the Biosine Complex about which we will talk further.  There are various other similar products from Australian like spray, creams and so on.

This Best Tanning lotion has the tea tree oil which is known to be a powerful Anti-oxidant that helps with the cleansing of the skin in the first place. Then there are these Vitamin A and E which are having the ability to deeply moisturize the skin and providing the ultimate skin health. The next ingredient is the natural oils whose presence will ensure the hydration of the skin, which leaves the skin soft and smooth.

What would be a lotion without proper fragrance to it? This lotion hence comes in the Cocoa Dreams fragrance. How would be the actual smell of it? Well, it is the combination of Coconut, Orange and Vanilla combination Now you would get the right image of the fragrance.


  • Contains antioxidants to make sure the skin is in the right health condition
  • The extreme moisturizer to the skin makes sure it is smooth and soft
  • A very good fragrance makes the lotion worth using


  • Skin stains being faced by the user

#7. Skinerals Californium Organic Tanner

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Skinerals Californium in simple terms has made the tanning process easier with just the application of it and no direct or artificial sun rays required for it to work. A single usage of this can stay for up to 7 days and that seems to be a very good deal. Pale skin can be given a super glow and healthier skin without the possibility of streaks, blotches or orange patches. The tanner also is applicable to the face and the body. You can simply apply wherever you require the tan to be and it is as simple as applying to that part and it’s done. Now starts the work of the lotion.

As this is made of organic materials the lotion is light and dries up pretty faster leaving no feeling of its presence. The lotion works so well that you will surely look like you have spent at least sometime on the beach. The organic and natural extracts are the lavender oil, orange peel oil, vanilla bean extract, and Shea butter. This Best Tanning Lotion also has a very light fragrance making it pleasant when used. The other benefits of using this lotion include ensuring no blotchiness, no orange coloring, pleasant light fragrance and lasts for 4 to 7 days.


  • The easiest way to tan
  • Skin health maintained using it continuously
  • Works as a natural solution to skin problems


  • Dries up too fast

#8. Island Black 200X Tanner

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This is the tanner from the brand “Tan ASZ U” and has been packaged well. This is a bottle in an exotic coloring that represents the beach. This has the beach picture which makes sure the viewer gets the feeling that the product works like a tan that is given to you as on the beach.

Island represents the presence of a beach and hence the tanning is a regular thing of the beach. This Island black is a 200x tanner which also has the activated charcoal that makes sure the tan works at a much faster pace than any others in the list. It also moisturizes the skin and makes sure to give a dark and lustrous finish to the skin. It also protects the skin from being harmed by the harmful sunrays.


  • 200x makes the tanning faster
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Keeps the skin health in check


  • None that are listed or found until now

#9. Devoted Creations – Woke up like this

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As simple and unique as it sounds “Woke up like this” is a self-explanatory name from Devoted creations that this is a tanner for you. This is a beautifully designed bottle in pink, which contains 360 ml of the tanning lotion for the usage. This lotion has the flawlessly smooth DHA presence and also natural bronzers that given the glow to the skin.

The usage of this Best Tanning lotion triggers the production of Melanin which is the tanning process. This tan stays for a longer period. The usage of this lotion also makes sure the skin gets a good firming and tightening which is also the plus point for aging skin. It avoids the aging skin to droop down slowly. The lotion also works as a moisturizer and hydrates the skin. It also has anti-oxidants that promote the health of the skin.  It also works as the skin pigmentation corrector. It comes in the flawless temptation fragrance


  • Keeps the skin healthy
  • Skin pigment corrector
  • A very sweet fragrance


  • Some users experienced the chemical smell

#10. Dave’s Dark Self Tanner

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This is a self-tanning lotion from the brand Dave and comes in the package of 236ml. This lotion as the name goes by is the self-tanner lotion that you can use by applying the lotion just before going to sleep. This is a creamy dark color lotion that is very easy to apply on the skin and making it easy for you to use on a regular basis. This lotion is loaded with various organic natural ingredients that ensure the health of the skin is maintained.

The lotion has the extracts from Aloe Vera, Sesame and also Jojoba which are like the experts in making the skin soft and also applying the moisture. As per the brand’s claim, it is designed to provide natural-looking instant tan and can be used to maintain the tan throughout the year. This is the darker version from Dave’s, which means there is one with a lighter version of the tan.


  • Natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Sesame and Jojoba makes the skin healthier and hydrated
  • Easy to apply on the body
  • Can be used all around the year


  • Orange patches experienced by the users
  • No color guide available

Best Tanning Lotions 2020 : Buying Guide

Tanner usage can turn into a costly affair if the right one is not used for you. Many of these features come into play when you want to use the right one for you. We will be discussing the features that you need to look into before buying the best tanner Lotion.


For any lotion, ingredients are the ones that work to get you the desired results. These results can also hit back if the right ingredients are not used, and it can cause any skin related issues. The presence of natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, jojoba and passion fruit gives that natural glow to the skin. It will also hydrate your skin by retaining moisture in the skin. It also provides long-lasting glow to the skin when using the tanner with some presence of these ingredients. When you are choosing a tanner, make sure you avoid the presence of any chemicals in it. As these chemicals would really cause unnecessary issues to the skin it would also bring severe damage if not realized at the right time.


The percentage of darkness measures in “x” is also one important feature you need to look into. These are termed as 50x or 100x. This is just the measurement of darkness when you use the lotion. 50x means 50 times the shade you are talking in reference with. This determines how much melanin production is required by the skin. Hence it all depends on how darker tan would you require. So when choosing the lotion to make sure you choose the right one in terms of darkness.

Usage Frequency

When you have chosen your tanner, you also need to make sure you know how much tan you want to achieve and for what period of time. There are products that you can apply for one night and the tan gets maintained up to one week. Some lotion would require regular usage to maintain the tan. Hence read the description of the product before choosing it. Make sure if this is one so the features you are looking for you get the right details. Some lotions cannot be used on a daily basis and some can be usedon a daily basis to continue maintaining that glow.


Generally, the usage of the tanning process is not very advisable due to the fact that excessive tanning can cause skin burns and the ability to modify DNA would cause sin cancer. But light tan under the sun is the source for Vitamin D whose absence in the body can cause other health issues. Usage of these indoor tanner lotions can be an alternate way to create the tanning.

This was an honest feature description with the effort to help you with your buying decision. There would be other products available with similar features in the market. I would encourage you to explore them also before buying this Best Tanning Lotion. Happy Buying!

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